What are people saying

What are people saying?

“Christina embodies all of the characteristics of a talented and hungry designer…she’s detail-oriented, organized, curious, committed and has a strong design portfolio while maintaining speedy and accurate production skills. Attitude matters and Christina brings an aura of spunky, smart and social where ever she lands.”

Erica Conway

Owner at C2

“The quality of work I’m seeing come out of Christina in terms of the design and requirements are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Aside from the quality of the design itself the level of detail coming from Christina is absolutely perfect. This project is set up for success.”

Jim Conigliaro

Director of Interactive Technology at Journal Communications, Inc.
talking about Freshmilwaukee.com

“Christina has demonstrated strong design and project management skills on all tasks assigned to her. She has quickly picked up the work flow, adding to it in a positive way with clear concise designs, and a keen eye toward usability and user experience.”

Phil Kirchmeier

Design Manager for JS Digital Solutions, excerpt from annual review

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