website design

flad architects

Design updates to the career page, and daily maintenance to the Noteworthy section of 

Linkedin posts

social media graphics

LinkedIn banners created to advertise open job opportunities at Flad Architects.

website design

Monona Farmers' Market

The Monona Farmers’ Market is a non-profit group run mainly by volunteers. Redesign included incorporation of their current logo, and creating a site that was easy to  be maintained by non-tech savvy committee members. WordPress’ blog , calendar plug-in and social media integration assisted in refreshing their site.

website design

12 days of christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas project featured 12 different children battling childhood cancer. Kohls, the MACC Fund and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel worked together to raise awareness and funding for future resources. 

website design

fresh milwaukee

Fresh is a photo driven website targeting primarily  women. The grid structure supports a photo heavy layout and creates a site structure flexible for mobile. Content is generated through the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on topics such as home decor, recipes, gardening and DIY projects. The layout supports ad placement, for revenue, and promotes sharing through social media channels.

website design

deal watch

Deal Watch is a Daily Deals website to help consumers save money on local restaurants and entertainment venues. Strict restrictions were provided to fit a third-party template. Redesign included a new logo, color scheme and splash page.